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Lisa Ford: Creating a Culture of Customer Loyalty

It may be a surprise to many companies that satisfied customers may not be return customers.  However, loyal customers are ones that will continue to come back, despite setbacks, price increases or disappointments.  In the video, “Creating a Culture of Customer Loyalty”, Lisa Ford focuses on strategies to move beyond customer service to create customers that are willing to stay connected to your organization.

Lisa gives her clients to get to know their customers on a deeper level.  Start with the information you currently have on the customer, understand how and why the buy from you and reach out to the customer to proactively ask them what you could do to serve them better.  She advises that the front line customer service group needs to move from a scripted and structured way of engaging to become more empowered and genuine so they can really learn about the customer.  The team of people that you trust to manage the customer must be willing to go deep into the relationship to communicate just how much your company cares.