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Marti MacGibbon: Kick Ass Personal Transformation

Marti MacGibbon has a book entitled, “Never Give in to Fear”.  However, it’s the subtitle, “Laughing All the Way Up From Rock Bottom” that really describes and defines who Marti MacGibbon is and what she brings to her audiences.  

Marti’s life started in Texas and she became one of the first women to work in the oil fields, becoming an explosives expert, a job that was occupied by men, not women.  Early on, she found that she had a knack for stand up comedy, even securing a booking on the Tonight Show.  But that booking never materialized as Marti’s life descended into drug use, taking her across the world to Japan where she was kidnapped and sold into the world of human sex trafficking.  

Marti’s powerful message of developing resilience helps individuals that have faced obstacles and setbacks to create a personal transformation using a 4-step approach.  Marti advises people to get and stay connected and surround themselves with positive people.  She wants people to find a way to get and stay positive.  She believes that being happy is a choice.  And finally, she believes that you can “rewire” your brain with positive self-talk, affirmations and visualization.