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Susan Ratliff: Trade Show Exhibits – A Powerful Profit Center

Have you ever walked a trade show floor and come away with the impression that the exhibitors were wasting their time and money?  This is an all too common outcome for companies that invest a significant amount of time and money into trade shows as a marketing strategy.  However, according to Ratliff, you can turn trade show disasters into a powerful profit center.

In the video, Trade Show Exhibits, a Powerful Profit Center, Susan shares some key strategies to maximize an organizations impact at an event.  She reviews some common mistakes that organizations make in their trade show strategy and how to overcome them.  Learn how to pre-plan to minimize expense and maximize impact.  Focus your sales team in managing the trade show process differently than they do a sales call.  Learn how to maximize the impact that the booth experience has for the trade show audience.  And finally, learn how to pre-sell, promote and follow up to generate the leads and revenue that make the trade show a revenue generator for the company.