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Shep Hyken: Know Your Audience


Shep Hyken is widely known as a customer service expert, focusing his organization and work with clients on strategies to create strong customer relationships and customer loyalty. However, in the video, "Know Your Audience", Shep takes his considerable experience as a speaker and consultant to advise other members of the National Speakers Association (NSA) how to create a pathway to success.

According to Shep, todays business environment is a call to speakers to ask the question, "Who really is the audience we want to address?" Shep discusses how the proliferation of technology has created an opportunity for speakers to use that technology to change the way they engage their audience, extend the life of their content, and create new opportunities to generate revenue. Poised to be the President of the NSA in 2014, Shep is committed to helping members increase their knowledge in how to better serve their clients as business and technology continue to involve.