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Johnny Campbell: The Transition Man


Johnny Campbell is not a household name, but many people in the speaking, training and coaching industry know who the &ldquoTransition Man is. Years ago, Johnny was charting a career in the insurance industry as the industry was consolidating itself through mergers and acquisitions. Johnny had to learn how to refocus employees perspectives from one of loss and fear to one of transition so they could recognize the potential opportunities that these changes would bring to their careers.

Today, Johnny works with organizations when they need to refocus their employees on changes that require the organization to run differently, to sell different products or services or to reorganize the way they operate. To lead people through the transition, he shares three key concepts, finding clarity, instilling confidence and creating certainty. He teaches his clients to expand the definition of who they are beyond their job so they can be free to see the next opportunity.

In addition to being a transition expert, Johnny committed to understanding how to make money using social media years before it was a common conversation. As a result, he co-created IFBTV.com, a social media TV channel inside Facebook that helps people position their products and services, selling them through the Facebook community.