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Lenora Billings-Harris: Be a Trailblazer in Diversity

To be competitive in today’s marketplace, an understanding and focus on “diversity is an imperative, not a nice to have”.  Lenora Harris has made a career on showing organizations how to turn a commitment to diversity into a competitive advantage.

In her book, “Trailblazers: How Top Business Leaders are Accelerating Results through Inclusion and Diversity”, Lenora analyzed 12 organizations that she considered to be trailblazers in crafting a diversity strategy.  One of those organizations was Atlanta-based Coca Cola.  It took losing a significant discrimination lawsuit to motivate Coke to create what is now regarded as one of the best diversity strategies in the country.  Coke believes that their market value has increased with their global presence and that would not have been possible had they not understood how to create a diversity strategy.

In the video, “Be a Trailblazer in Diversity”, Lenora reviews the major components of developing the right strategy including how to engage middle management, how to start from the beginning if no strategy exists, how to create effective training, and how to get CEO commitment.